Human Stories in a Digital World

The stories we tell about ourselves are like doors through which we can invite other people to see the world through our eyes. As a digital storyteller, I work with people who are driven by a passion to be agents of positive change in their world and want to express that passion more richly through story.


Let’s Talk About Your Story

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Andrew James Ferris is video, photo, audio, and editing teams all packed into one brain and one backpack, ready to deploy anywhere in the world. He is a drone wielding, shutter-snap crazy digital storyteller who’s filmed and photographed from Sri Lanka, to the Costa Rican Jungle, to your cousin’s wedding, and your uncle’s real estate company. He’s an audio engineer, a musician, and an artist. I’ve hired Andrew to film my keynote reel, TED talks I’ve organized, video footage for my business, head shots, and more. Perhaps most importantly, he’s a ton of fun to work with!
— Costa Michailidis (Innovation Bound)
Andrew and I began a digital video collaboration in 2018. He was able to create brilliant, visually stunning animations to accompany classical and modern Chinese orchestral compositions. As a creative collaborator I can count on him to bring his enthusiasm and diverse digital skill set to any project.
— Ming Ke (Columbus, OH)


Human Stories in a Digital World

“People often ask me if it’s hard to be a photographer in the age of smartphones and Instagram. I usually try to contain my enthusiasm when I answer, ‘Yes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!’ Living in a world where the average person on the street is both a consumer and a creator of photography makes it easier to relate to people as fellow creative artists in a project. As a Digital Storyteller, my job involves exploring the ways in which we use story to weave meaning into our lives. I cannot imagine a more exciting time to be a human being.”

About Me


I was born in a small farming town in Minnesota. When I was ten my family moved to Papua New Guinea where we lived until I finished high school. I met my wife during our last year at Messiah College in Pennsylvania and we moved to London together the summer after we graduated. We lived in Denver, Israel, New York City, Sri Lanka and Cleveland over the next few years during which time I met some of my first photography teachers.